Sobre Mí

For English:

Hola, me llamo Michelle Alfini y soy una estudiante de periodismo y español en la Universidad de Elon. El trabajo de mis sueños es trabajar como un corresponsal internacional y reportar historias de Latinoamérica y por eso quiero aprender español.

También, me encanta la cultura latinoamericana y español y quiero viajar a muchos países latinos para estudiar su idioma y sus historias. He viajado a Barcelona, España, Yucatán, México y Honduras. También este semestre estoy estudiando en Quito, Ecuador y viajando a Brasil.

Ahora mismo, no puedo hablar el idioma con fluidez pero el propósito este blog es ayudarme a aprender español y documentar mi paso volverme bilingüe.

Hi, my name is Michelle Alfini and I am a journalism and Spanish student at Elon University. My dream job is to work as a foreign correspondent and report on stories from Latin America and that is why I want to learn Spanish.

Also, I love Latin American and Spanish culture and I want to travel to several Latin American countries in order to study the language and their histories. I have traveled to Barcelona, Spain, Yucatan, Mexico and Honduras. Also, this semester I am studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador and traveling to Brazil.

Right now I cannot speak the language fluently, but the purpose of this blog is to help me learn Spanish and document my journey to become bilingual.

3 thoughts on “Sobre Mí

  1. Good luck with learning spanish! I’m doing the same thing with my blog, posting in both English and Spanish. I’m headed to Ecuador for 7 months in order to finally be fluent! Have you made plans to visit Ecuador yet (I see you want to go)?

  2. Thank you, I wish you the best of luck as well. I’m currently applying to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador in the fall of 2014. If I get in I will be going to la Universidad San Francisco de Quito for four months, which would be incredible.

    • That’s awesome! Best of luck in your application and for your time in Quito. It’s a beautiful city, I know you will love it! I’ll be there till early August, let me know if the time that you will be there overlaps at all :)

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