Sobre Mí

For English:

Hola, me llamo Michelle Alfini y soy una estudiante de periodismo y español en la Universidad de Elon. El trabajo de mis sueños es trabajar como un corresponsal internacional y reportar historias de Latinoamérica y por eso quiero aprender español.

También, me encanta la cultura latinoamericana y español y quiero viajar a muchos países latinos para estudiar su idioma y sus historias. He viajado a Barcelona, España, Yucatán, México y Honduras. También este semestre estoy estudiando en Quito, Ecuador y viajando a Brasil.

Ahora mismo, no puedo hablar el idioma con fluidez pero el propósito este blog es ayudarme a aprender español y documentar mi paso volverme bilingüe.

Hi, my name is Michelle Alfini and I am a journalism and Spanish student at Elon University. My dream job is to work as a foreign correspondent and report on stories from Latin America and that is why I want to learn Spanish.

Also, I love Latin American and Spanish culture and I want to travel to several Latin American countries in order to study the language and their histories. I have traveled to Barcelona, Spain, Yucatan, Mexico and Honduras. Also, this semester I am studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador and traveling to Brazil.

Right now I cannot speak the language fluently, but the purpose of this blog is to help me learn Spanish and document my journey to become bilingual.


6 thoughts on “Sobre Mí

  1. Good luck with learning spanish! I’m doing the same thing with my blog, posting in both English and Spanish. I’m headed to Ecuador for 7 months in order to finally be fluent! Have you made plans to visit Ecuador yet (I see you want to go)?

  2. Thank you, I wish you the best of luck as well. I’m currently applying to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador in the fall of 2014. If I get in I will be going to la Universidad San Francisco de Quito for four months, which would be incredible.

    • That’s awesome! Best of luck in your application and for your time in Quito. It’s a beautiful city, I know you will love it! I’ll be there till early August, let me know if the time that you will be there overlaps at all 🙂

  3. Hola, Michelle! I am also an aspiring bilinguist. (And I’m an App State grad, but think Elon’s campus is wonderful!) I’ve been able to preach some services at a local Hispanic congregation in Virginia, and I’ve done it (mostly) in Spanish. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this, and would love to know if there are other blogs like yours. Buena suerte!

  4. Hey! I love reading about other people’s adventures, especially from other students studying abroad in South America too! I would like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. You can check out my latest blog post with more information and accept it and pass it on if you would like! Safe travels and good luck with the Spanish 🙂

  5. Hey! I would like to do the same like you but the other way around haha I’m Venezuelan my master degree is in Communications and currently I write in Spanish, I’m living abroad too but I would like to start writing in English someday! Good luck learning Spanish, it’s a beautiful language, you’re doing very good so far 😉

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